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EdVentures is a pioneer in fostering innovation within the EdTech sector. Launched in 2017 by the renowned Nahdet Misr Group, it’s the Middle East’s first EdTech-focused corporate venture capital firm. EdVentures invests in and empowers promising start-ups at the pre-seed and seed stage, fuelling ground-breaking solutions in education, culture, and learning.
Sharing your expertise and experience in the community directly empowers the next generation of startups.

Training Opportunities

Deliver workshops and training programs to startups at various stages.

Get Recommended

Be recommended to startups seeking guidance.

Public Speaking and Engagements

Participate in EdVentures events as a speaker or panellist.

Make a Difference

Contribute to the growth and success of innovative startups.

Network and Collaborate

Connect with a network of industry leaders and fellow trainers.

How it works?

Program Outline

Submit your application

Assessing the overall impact of the acceleration program on participating startups and the EdTech sector in Egypt.

Our team will contact shortlisted candidates.

Tracking the growth metrics and milestones achieved by participating startups during the program.

One-on-one discussion with our programs team to explore potential opportunities.

Gathering feedback from participants to evaluate their satisfaction levels with program components such as mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.

Get listed in our network

Evaluating the effectiveness of program activities in achieving objectives and fostering the growth of startups in the EdTech industry.

Fields Available

We connect startups of all sizes with a renowned collection of trainers and mentors to deliver the specific training, consultations, and mentorship required at each stage, covering the following programs:

Business Strategy & Development

Marketing & Sales

Finance & Investment

Content Creation

Technical Training

Media Production & Public Relations

Software Development

Design Thinking


Human Resources & People Management

Data Analytics

Organizational culture

Curriculum Development



Digital Marketing

Customer Support

Media Buying & SEO

The Five Stages of Startups:

EdVentures offers a comprehensive variety of programs designed to support startups at every stage of their journey




Scaling & Expansion