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Early stage startups get enrolled in our incubation program, where they are provided with intense and focused training to build their product offering, understand their customer needs, and attain a product-market fit.

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Startups that have been in the market for a while with a minimum viable product get enrolled in our 3 month acceleration program, where trainings are more edtech focused to expedite their growth in a limited time.

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Startups that need further scaling and growth get enrolled in the investment track, where they get the financial and operational support to be able to reach new markets and create new products.

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EdVentures’ Leaps is a group of training sessions for the whole entrepreneurship ecosystem, not only in edtech.
Startups from all stages and entrepreneurs can join.
We are celebrating 5 years of Edventures and we want the whole ecosystem to be part of it.

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Our investment committee constantly hunts for the most
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