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Acceleration Program

Startups that have been in the market for a while with a minimum viable product get enrolled in our 3 month acceleration program, where trainings are more edtech focused to expedite their growth in a limited time.

Program Description

Duration: 3 months (12 weeks).

The program will be more EdTech specific and will tackle 3 main areas:

  • Growth
  • Investment
  • Startup culture

The mission of the acceleration program is to prepare startups for a new level of growth and investment while giving them a customized EdTech-focused experience.

The vision of the program is to give startups the needed mentorship and training to be sustainable on their own with or without investment post acceleration.

There is a pre-acceleration bootcamp to better select the accelerated startups.

Each startup is matched to a mentor that gives them a one-to-one mentorship session once a week.

Startups have a better opportunity to connect with education experts and fellow entrepreneurs in the EdTech sphere.

There are 2 tracks of focus where startups will be categorized in, to be provided with more needs-based content 

-Content-based startups

-Tech-based startups

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Our investment committee constantly hunts for the most
innovative & scalable startups led by the finest teams in the region.

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