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Incubation Program

Early stage startups get enrolled in our incubation program, where they are provided with intense and focused training to build their product offering, understand their customer needs, and attain a product-market fit.

Program Description

Based on the “Lean Startup Methodology”.

Duration: five months (20 weeks).

As part of the filtration process, there is a 3 day bootcamp that takes place to select the crème de la crème of the startups that have applied.

The mission of the incubation program is to mentor, guide and validate startups in the EdTech sphere in the MENA region.

The vision of the program is to be an aspiring stop for every EdTech startup in the MENA region.

Program Pillars

Each week startups explore a different training topic which will be executed one-to-many. A qualified knowledge-expert trainer is chosen to give the training.

After selecting a mentor, startups meet their mentor once a week in a one-to-one setup. This mentor becomes the Godfather of the startup who takes care of all aspects; personal and professional, in a long-term relationship.

One entrepreneur visit per month takes place where different entrepreneurs “chat” with our startups about their journey.

Before the demo day, startups get to pitch in a speed mentorship format, going from one mentor to another to get the maximum feedback.

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