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Meet our Startups

Our investment committee constantly hunts for the most innovative & scalable startups led by the finest teams in the region.

Career 180 is a comprehensive career development and hiring platform for all university students and fresh graduates to kick-off their careers through connecting them to experts, training entities and companies online across the MENA region.

iSchool offers a STEAM-based education journey to children from 6-18 years old to help young students to learn and create careers in software development, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, IoT, and multimedia.

EYouth empowers youth through providing them with training programs, mentoring, advising and consulting services in entrepreneurship, employability and personal skills enhancement, and community development.

COLNN helps schools manage their internal processes, departments, and activities by providing customized solutions through the school management system (SMS).

Entreprenelle is a mission-driven enterprise that strives to bridge the gender gap economically by educating, training and linking women to all the resources possible.

Greenish is a social enterprise that designs and delivers knowledge about the environment, enabling entities and businesses to become socially and environmentally aware.

OTO is an Egyptian digital learning platform providing a wide range of top-notch one-to-one & group learning programs.

Akhdar is a cultural platform that generates simplified content from books and presents it in an interactive and engaging way through different media.

Sprints is a talent support company providing a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap in the market. Their services entail assessing talent pools, offering a customized learning journey, securing a higher paying job and supporting graduate career growth.

OBM bridges the gap between High school students and job market requirements.
Working on building a new generation that keeps pace with times through connecting them with a personal and professional development opportunities.

Jeel Edventures Portfolio Companies

Jeel is an Edutainment application focusing on learning kids’ different kind of Values/skills through entertaining ways like Games, songs, stories and  more

CRAFTY is the service features online courses and other forms of video content surrounding crafts, hobbies, and lifestyle topics, as well as an online store that sells craft supplies and project kits that tie into the service’s video content.

SuperFny works to raise the efficiency of technical education and vocational training students by participating in projects concerned with increasing creativity and innovation. It aims to create better opportunities for technical education students and graduates in the field of work and entrepreneurship, change the mentality of technical education and provide technical advice.

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Our investment committee constantly hunts for the most
innovative & scalable startups led by the finest teams in the region.

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