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OBM raises a second round of investment from EdVentures

Egypt’s education startup; OBM has recently raised a six-digit figure from EdVentures as a second round of investment.

OBM was founded in 2020 by Omar El-Barbary and Ezz El-Din Farag to help pre-university students find their college majors. The organization also provides them with training programs and career advising.

Through its various programs and summits, the startup aims to provide its customers with the necessary tools and resources to improve the quality of education in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). One of these is the Build Your Future Summit, which brings together high school students and graduates from across the region to discuss their future goals.

OBM Oram Barbary

Through its programs, OBM also helps students connect with top executives. Through its mentoring program, they can gain valuable experience in the business world and help them decide on their career paths. In addition, the company provides various training programs that are geared toward improving their communication and employability skills.

According to Dalia Ibrahim, the founder and CEO of EdVentures, the company saw a huge potential in OBM as it serves a wide range of students and undergraduates. This is why she was eager to partner with the company to help it expand its offerings and provide more effective and relevant programs.

OBM’s founder and CEO, Omar El-Barbary, noted that the company’s partnership with EdVentures would allow it to expand its operations and provide even more effective and relevant programs. He also said that the company would use the partnership to launch a new app called Taleb, which will allow users to extend their services. Through its platform, EdVentures has been able to support over a hundred startups operating in various fields such as education, technology, and cultural innovations. Through its investments, the company has been able to help these organizations expand their operations and provide better services to their customers. These organizations were able to help improve the quality of education by delivering innovative and advanced solutions.

The news of this investment resonated at the biggest news entities, proving how impactful OBM on the students’ lives. Read the articles on:

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