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Akhdar App Hits 1 Milllion downloads

“Akhdar” application announced that the number of subscribers who downloaded its electronic application, which provides summaries of various Arab and international cultural books, reached one million subscribers in more than 173 countries around the world.

“Akhdar” is one of the most important and largest EdTech publishing platforms that work to provide valuable content in the form of interactive videos that summarize thousands of cultural books (printed or audio) in various fields, and present their main ideas in a very attractive and concise manner that suits the rapid pace of life of young people from the application’s users to present They have innovative cognitive methods that help them develop their various skills and broaden their awareness.

“Akhdar” started its activity in 2019, and over the past years has succeeded in expanding its services, developing its electronic application, and the ways in which it presents and divides content in an easy and clear manner, with the ability to constantly present new recommendations to each user according to their choices, in order to ensure a better user experience. It has also updated the search feature for books or information on the application, through which the user can access what they need and read or listen easily.

Mohamed Osama, founder of “Akhdar” company said: “Our main goal is to provide the largest amount of compressed knowledge to users, as none of us in general have the ability to provide long hours to read books per day or the large spending ability to buy hundreds of books, so we help young people through a symbolic participation in carrying out summaries of the most important books in various fields, including: entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, self-development, politics and economics, history, communication and leadership skills, health, technology, thought and philosophy, and other topics.

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